Role: Lead product designer / art director (ustwo)

Outcome: Game to promote the variety of items you can purchase on eBay.

The game

eBay briefed us for an internal skunkworks project that would showcase the variety of the product range on eBay. Even though this was a short project it was one of my favourite outcomes. Having first worked out the art direction I then lead a small team of fellow ustwo desingers - Jack Maxwell & Nuno Sans to create a prototype.

The idea of the game is to sort and identify different products and drag them onto a corresponding character. Each level had a different theme - Wedding, Summer Time, Festival, Back to school etc.

The characters

As this was a proof of concept (the game was built and functional) we only created the characters for the first level. These were the characters for the wedding scene. We had to give them emotions to give the user feedback on how they are progressing.

The objects

Each character had a bunch of items that the user had to decide which was the right item for the right character. Working closely with Jack we illustrated them all in the well known eBay colours.