I have been working in the creative industry for 10 years. I started out designing CDs and nightclub flyers then moved to the world of digital. Working in both agency and startup.

I have a deep understanding of both designing for small screens (knowledge of both iOS and Android) and also responsive web. I've helped clients understand what they need from digital in sectors from travel to finance to technology using lean and Agile techniques. I've mentored and led other designers to reach their goals and go onto great things. Within an agile team I have taken the role of the coach / lead; this would involve managing and reviewing the backlog, running ceremonies and working with the team to improve velocity.

Personally, I believe a true product designer must have a grasp of code. I am experienced in HTML / CSS / SCSS / JQuery / Git / React.

Most importantly I understand how to get a product from a concept into the hands of users and learning at each step. πŸ”΅


  • General Assembly
  • Adaptive Lab / Pi People
  • Red Academy
  • SWUX
  • Liverpool School of Art and Design
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