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The Problem

Founders Factory identified a business model that they could try to replicate in the UK market. The model was to create a marketplace to buy and sell used cars.

When I joined there was a goal by the business to get an MVP to market as quick as possible. The pressure came from investors wanting to see R.O.I. They had raised lots of money from some big players in the UK start-up scene. There was a proof of concept but this was more smoke and mirrors to raise money than an actual product. Taking that as the foundation I created a product for real customers that was validated by users.

Creating the MVP

Working with an aggressive time frame we launched an end to end experience which allowed people to buy cars online. It was not pretty or perfect but it allowed us to start testing the business model.
"If You're Not Embarrassed By The First Version Of Your Product, You’ve Launched Too Late" Hellocar MVP

Beyond the MVP

Design process

We made decisions on what to build next by gathering data. This data would come from multiple sources; user testing sessions and analytic tools. I would take a lead on gathering this data and then relaying it to the business.

We would review analytics daily finding how features performed. Every two weeks we would run user testing sessions, they would be a mix of ethnographic and usability research.

Hellocar style tile v1

Visual design system

We worked with the brilliant Nomad who helped to elevate the brand to something people trusted. Taking what they created I then moved it into a scalable digital system.

Hellocar style tile v1

Sketch design system

Using Nomad's design system I created a detailed library within Sketch. This consisted of a symbol system and type & colour library. This allowed anyone who designed for the product to have all the building blocks to create a feature.

Hellocar style tile v1

Final product

Hellocar Final Product


We created a product from scratch and built it into a service where you could buy a car online. Unfortunely we did not find product market fit I wrote a short piece about why this might of happened.